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Posted by Todd Finn on 9/24/2017

Trimmed hedges, lush front and back lawns, a well paved driveway that holds four to six vehicles and a spacious house with a brand new roof and flooring add value to a house. Large, open rooms and gorgeous bay windows that lead to amazing outdoor views can make it hard to turn away from a home.

Combined, these features can give a homeowner leverage to sell a house for thousands more than a smaller house. Yet, even these pluses can be diminished by heavy traffic and long work commutes. A daily four hour round trip work commute can get old fast.

Outside factors that can make a home buy bad

This type of long, laborious commute can make you regret buying a house that, by itself,surpasses your wildest dreams. People have moved to entirely different states after living in an area that's heavily congested with roadway traffic. Reasons for their decisions include:

  • Constant construction on major roadways that force commuters to take back roads, including slower two lane roads that are lined with one traffic light after another.
  • More road sharing with large, heavy trucks
  • Traffic that passes in front of your house,increasing the likelihood that your young children or grandchildren could be hit, especially if they raced after a ball without looking both ways as they crossed the street
  • Close proximity to debris that falls off of cargo trucks
  • Greater wear and tear on roadways which, in turn, can cause greater wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Increased number of traffic jams and times when traffic completely stops
  • Better chances of being late to work just because of the traffic

Drawbacks to buying houses in heavy traffic areas

It's time to cast a wider inspection net when it comes to house shopping. Why? Buying a house changes many elements in your life. A few elements that will change when  you move into a new house are your neighbors, outdoor living space, property taxes, entertainment options and nearby learning opportunities.

Move into a new house and you may also have no choice but to take a different route to and from work. This is a definite if you buy a house in a different city. You could quickly regret a house buy if the move extends your commute from a fifteen minute drive to a drive that's more than two hours one way.

Let other drivers be impatient, rude and aggressive and the house buy could put you at higher risk of getting in a traffic accident. The added road stress could easily transfer to your family life, weakening relationships that you have with your spouse and children.

Higher fuel costs, excessive wear and tear on your automobile and the potential of being late to work are other drawbacks associated with buying a house in a heavy traffic area. The impact of living in a heavy traffic area is so broad, that it's worth it to consider the traffic flow in areas that you're interested in a buying a house in before you sign a mortgage contract. Even more, make sure that you and every driver in your house can easily deal with the traffic in areas that you want to move to.

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